It all started like all ideas do: while experiencing a problematic situation and almost out of the blue. A what if. Our love for climbing out in nature has been big, but going around and travelling with a crashpad is not the most fun part of the sport. So, what if we were able to rent pads easily near the crags we wanted, travel light and help make this easy to climbers who don't have a pad at hand? So how does it work?

Once we check the validity of a company that provides crashpads for rent among its services, by getting in touch with them, we register them to the Grab a Pad platform. The company will then have a profile within the platform which will include all necessary information. Any climber who wants to go bouldering in nature can create an account in the platform and browse all the companies, according to their criteria.

Once they find the company that suits them best, they can contact them directly and arrange their rental. Only thing left to do is to go and pick up the crashpad and enjoy their time bouldering in nature! Making our life easier means more time to spend in nature doing what we love, more time being surrounded with people we love and more time to think creatively. And all of these are core ingredients of climbing and what makes this sport special. We are happy to share our ideas with the world and contribute to the climbing sport and community, see both of them evolve and progress, and make the experience fun and accessible to everyone. Because climbing is about sharing and experiencing together!

For any question, idea, doubt or if you're interested in getting to know more about us, feel free to send us an e-mail at: